Wiki Tip – Clusters of Knowledge

Wiki Tip is a project to offer internet readers tooltips with definitions from Clusters of Knowledge in the specialized area of expertise.

This project is still in beta phase, testers are welcome.

UPDATE: September 2016: I just found about 20 messages lost in old spam sent through our contact form. Shame to me! I fixed the contact form now and I will respond ASAP to any request. Allow me few days though in case I am travelling!

At this time we have developped a jQuery based client for sites powered by PHP but it could be easily ported to other languages such as ASP.NET.

Small cluster demo

Some demo can be seen at this address: and check for dashed underlined words.

Huge cluster demo

We imported some dictionaries in the . At this time we got over 250000 definitions for more than 145000 terms. This cluster is pointed to itself so the tooltips will load in every page. In the terms list JSON response we entered computational duration information so the 2 demos can be compared by the execution time.

Please report any bug you may find here.

Participation in beta program requires:

  1. testing the technology in different scenarios.
  2. access right for to the content of the knowledge cluster created by the participant. Wikitip will not transfer such rights to any third party but may use it for cluster promotion only.
  3. acceptance of terms of service of the WordPress powered platform
If interested please contact us by filling the form at Subscription Page:

You are encouraged to return later to check our progress.

Thank you for your interest in Wiki Tip!

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