WikiTip is an online dictionary/ glossary/ thesaurus system for webmasters so they can use specialized knowledge clusters to append tooltips to their websites' content. All readers will be able to read niche articles much faster, having a handy tool to get difficult terms explained right in the main article.

Another advantage of the online glossary system is that the same knowledge clusters can be reused for many similar websites. The knowledge clusters owners can choose to distribute the content freely or to monetize it via subscriptions.

To get an idea about this technology please check this article about taoism practice: Study and Practice of “The Secret of the Golden Flower” Starting page 2 many specialized terms will be explained via wikitip.info technology.

Another demo is at https://dexonline.wikitip.info where we have imported more than 70000 terms from various Romanian dictionaries (with UTF-8 characters). The cluster is matched with itself so the tooltips are loading offering explanations of terms inside terms definitions. Compating with the above specialized cluster, here the processing of more than 70000 terms takes longer, something between 7 and 30 seconds depending on the server load. At this time the server is not hosted for performance nor optimized to cache the terms in memory, for future production systems this time will be reduced to few seconds only to improve the user experience.

We are still developping the system, please stay tuned for more news.

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